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Namal Resort

 Namal Resort 

Namal is a beautiful place for picnic. You can enjoy your holiday and can make fun here. Specialty of this area is natural beauty and birds chirping  with eye catching scenes. You will enjoy sitting on the bank of lake while breathtaking in open air. Namal resort is confused with namale resort fiji but the location is very different.

namale resort site
Namal Resort site 

Natural Topography

The beautiful scenery of namale with a wide space, identified for resort, that provides for an ideal place given its size, natural topography and the surroundings to the lake it provides for development of an tourism atmosphere. However, all the picnic activities are designed based on the  integrity and long term development in the area. Other  facilities like museum of  Namal  and Natural Landscapes are planned. Hence, the location provides the perfect setting as a recreational resort; where through a concentration of different facilities, and planning and design, the Lake will acquire attention and care.

Master Plan

Plan is to develop the area further and restore the natural beauty by developing a resort near the bank of the lake. Master plan is already prepared and efforts are on the the way to take further steps for implementation of these planes. If master plan is implemented in true letter and spirit it will further enhance the beauty of the area.

Namal is a truly special place with the ability to impact tourists for the better picnic place. It is  bringing a unique, memorable experience to all of its visitors. This Resort is unique of its kind in the town.

Exciting Adventures

If you’ve been thinking of a tropical vacation that offers a nice relaxation and exciting adventures, look no further than namale. There’s no better option than the lake of the namal because there are many things to count. From exploring the scenery to watching the birds and enjoying the natural beauty, there are so many fun things to do here. Salt Range looks from bank of namal is very exciting.


Namal being the rich in natural beauty needs to be further explored and needs attention. If  resort is developed as per master plan then it will further enhance tourism.

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