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Shrine Baba Hafiz G

Baba Hafiz Ji Near Namal Lake

About a century ago, Hafiz Muhammad Azim, who came from Shahpur, took up his abode in the Bhambranwali mosque near by. He passed his nights in prayer and his days in excavating ponds, of which three specimens still exist. While digging one day, he unearthed some treasure. Mian Gullan, his disciple, who was with him at the time, tried to  secretly removing the treasure during the following night, but the only result of his enterprise was that he fell headlong upon a hornets' nest and was severely stung, an incident which was credited to the Hafizji's supernatural influence. The shrine is visited as a cure for dog-bite. Three stones lie near the shrine of the five, eight, and nine seers weight respectively and the customary offering is an amount of "gur" equivalent to the weight of one of these stones (Ref: Gazetter of Mianwali 1915).

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