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Namal Valley

 About 32 Kilometers from Mianwali City, there is a very beautiful lake at the foot of the hills called Namal Lake. This lake is an attraction and picnic spot for tourists. This area is known as Wadi-e- Namal. It has been inhabited for many centuries, which is evidenced by the ancient cemetery graveyard on the banks of the lake. An interesting tradition is known about here that before the British era, when Punjab was ruled by the Sikhs, the ruler of this area used to be Raja Sirkap who was famous for his debauchery and cruelty. He had built his vast mansion on the hills. Where he used to gamble. He had announced that whoever defeated him would make him the ruler of the region but whoever lost would be beheaded. In this way, he beheaded hundreds of losers. At last the Raja of Sialkot defeated him, upon which Raja Sirkap impressed and decided to marry her only daughter Rani Koklan with Raja Resalu of Sialkot.

Namal Lake was created in 1913 during the British rule. The land here was lush and fertile. People used to farm here. Then there were about hundred wells in this area. Namal Lake is a vast lake spread over an area of ​​twelve hundred acres with a depth of twenty feet. The water coming from rain streams and springs from the mountains collects in this lake. This water irrigates Mianwali and adjoining villages. A small dam has also been built here. When the lake water falls through the iron gates of the dam like a waterfall on the other side, a beautiful scene is created.
There is a shrine of Hazrat Hafiz Ji Sahib on the bank of the lake. Urs is held on 6th and 7th of Sha'ban, which is attended by people from the neighborhood in large numbers. Apart from the annual Urs, a large number of people also attend here on the seventh and eighth of Muharram. On this occasion,  temporary shops are set up here and there is a fair atmosphere here. There is also a mosque next to the shrine. Since 1984, the management of the mosque and shrine has been entrusted to the Awqaf Department.There is also a rest house near Namal lake for tourists and special guests. From here you can see the beautiful view of the lake. While the population on the other side is known as Namal village. These people cross the lake by boats. A fish farm has also been built in the lake and it is managed by District Council Mianwali. There is a large number of fish here. The fish farm is given on regular contract. Recreational visitors hunt fish here, and some tourists enjoy picnics by cooking their caught fish.

Apart from fish, ducks are also found here. President of Pakistan, Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan, along with the Governor of West Pakistan, Nawab Amir Muhammad Khan and other dignitaries have also been coming here for the purpose of hunting and entertainment. Mianwali, Khushab, Tala-Gang, Chakwal and other adjacent cities and tourists, this lake is a beautiful and unparalleled recreational spot. On the occasion of weekly holidays and other festivals, people flock here with their families to have fun and enjoy these natural beauty. For those living in the arid and barren environment of Mianwali and the adjoining rain-fed regions, there is no better recreation than Namal Lake.
Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan and Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan  who belongs to Mianwali has established Namal University here for which land was given by local Resident Ghulam Muhammad Seelu Awan. It has increased the importance and fame of this area. Namal Lake is an excellent and attractive place for recreation and fishing

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