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Namal University

Namal University was initially built to offer short Diploma courses with a view to providing technical education to the youth of the District of Mianwali. The current civil structure that stands on a high pedestal across the beautiful Namal Lake took shape in year 2008 and it started with a humble beginning of offering diplomas to students with a view to make them employable for self sustenance. However, it turned out to be just a prelude to a much greater cause establishing Namal Knowledge City of Pakistan.

Imran Khan made the historic choice to create an academic institution on the shores of the Namal lake in 2005 with a goal of empowering Pakistan's young. Namal College was founded in 2008 with the help of the kind sponsors. Ghulam Muhammad Seelu, a local from the village of Namal, donated the first 5 acres (40 kanals) of land for this college. As a UK affiliate institution of the University of Bradford, Namal College began offering one degree programme. Early in 2019, Namal received permission to confer degrees and changed its name to Namal Institute. The vision of creating a school has changed over time into one of developing the biggest university town in Pakistan, called Namal Knowledge City.

Knowledge has historically served as the growth engine for developed countries all over the world. Knowledge centres like Oxford and Cambridge Universities have historically contributed to economic success, technical advancements, and cultural and social wellbeing. These towns continue to prosper even after hundreds of years because they were built on knowledge. An ambitious project called Namal Knowledge City builds on this tradition of establishing a knowledge economy right in the middle of Pakistan.
As one of Pakistan's largest consortiums to acquire, generate, share, and use information, it will be the first project of its type in the nation to bring together knowledge workers from all over the world. The sustainable growth of the knowledge city and Pakistan's larger communities will be a major aspect.

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