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Namal University Ranking | Namal Mianwali Pakistan

Namal Intro

Namal University Mianwali is one of the well known academic institute in Pakistan. The Institute has conducive environment which enable all students around the globe and  Asia to join it for their future prosperities.Namal Knowledge City is next dream of the same project. 


  • Name of the Institute: Namal Institute
  • Affiliation:HEC
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Sector:Private
  • Continent Asia: 2218
  • Country Ranking: 85
  • World Ranking: 6487
  • Institute Impact Rank: 2150
  • Institute Openness Rank: 7291
  • Institute Excellency Rank: 7216
  • Official Website:

Namal Mianwali Courses

Namal University Mianwali offers various programmes ranging from Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate Bachelor Degrees, Masters and more courses are likely to change depending on the needs of the people and their desired courses.

Students who wants to study at Namal College Mianwali in Pakistan should apply online or physically attend to Namal College Mianwali to seek for admissions or fetch the application form. For any students wishing to get admission at Namal College Mianwali should visit namal web. 

Namal Mianwali Ranking

Namal College Mianwali has been ranked in Pakistan, Asia continent and the world at large in various categories.

This academic institution, Namal Mianwali is ranked in the following categories;

Country Rank

This type of rank focuses on how the institute excel in various academic achievement. Namal College Mianwali is number 85 in the country of Pakistan, Asia.

Impact Rank

This type of rank is organized based on how the institute has brought the impact in Pakistan. These impacts focus on social, economic and political presentation around the community. Namal College Mianwali is ranked number 2150 in the world for its impact it produces.

Openness Rank

Namal Institute Mianwali is ranked number 7291 in its open operations. This category focus on how Namal College Mianwali conduct its academic process and affairs in an open way in Pakistan to the world.

Excellency Rank

Namal University Mianwali is ranked number 7216 on how it excel in various field. This include academic achievement, citations, references, and more.

Namal Mianwali Offers Scholarships

Any student who would like to study at Namal  Mianwali via scholarships programmes should find funding institutions for scholarships in Pakistan.

There are various scholarships providers in the world, for more information about how you can study at Namal College Mianwali in Pakistan through scholarships programmes and many other opportunities,

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